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UP2 Upgrade2

Personalized Stay Options

Immediately after a reservation is made UP2 captures the transaction on your own website and offers your guests the option to customize their stay. As soon as the guest clicks on their preferences, they come to a preferences shopping cart where they can make their choices. UP2 then makes sure that all this information is immediately added to the reservation and transferred to your systems for flawless fulfilment.

UP2 Upgrade2

Direct to Online Travel Agency Guests

UP2 can contact Online Travel Agency guests of your property via the online agencies' messaging systems, and invite them to come to your direct channel to customize their stay and buy add-ons. This conveys to guests that the best way to enjoy an optimum experience is by using your direct channel.

UP2 Upgrade2

Automate Personalized Guest Emails

Automate personalized pre, during and post stay emails. UP2 sends e-mails to guests at the most appropriate times, offering upgrades that are specific to their stay, based on what they originally booked and which will ensure they are given all opportunities to have the best experience available.

Stay Personalization

Personalize Messaging

Sell Add-on Services

Sell Stay Amenities

Sell Experiences

Promote Special Events

Upsell the Suites

Sell Early Check-ins

Sell Late-Check-outs

Sell Food & Beverage

Sell Transfers

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Automated Messaging

Promote Positive Reviews

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