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Point of Sale

Infrasys POS

Hardware has No Limits

Most Point of Sale providers require you to use their hardware or at least their preferred hardware providers. With our Point of Sale you are free to use the hardware that you want to use, Windows, iOS, Android, fixed stations or mobile tablets, our point of sale solution is not hardware specific, allowing you to use your preferred hardware.

Infrasys Point of Sale

Features and Customizations

Our Point of Sale is feature rich, out of the box and its built on a U/I that allows you to create the user experience you want your team to follow. From floor plans to stock management, from auto reservation table assignment to online ordering, our solution is designed to support every operation no matter the size.

Point-of-Sale Solution

Guest Connected

Using our cloud based point of sale and open API, we connect to your Property Management System, Customer Relationship Management system, Website, Loyalty Program, Voucher Program, Payment Program and much more. Quality guest insight and communication made easy through an integrated guest experience.

Cloud Based

Loyalty Enabled

Membership Enabled

Online Reservations

Waitlist Management

Online Ordering

Kitchen Display System

Several Payment Solutions

Food & Beverage Templates

Spa Templates

Retail Templates

Labor Management

Stock Management

Food Cost Supported

Windows, iOS and Android Enabled

Use the hardware you want

Multiple Outlets Supported

Centralized Media Management

Centralized Accounting

Centralized Reporting

100+ Pre-set Reports

Open API Enabled

Production Support

Production Training


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