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Support Services

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Our support team is set-up to be flexible by design so we can support individual or a selection of client solutions. Of course we know and prefer our own partners, but at the same time we realize not every hospitality business uses the same solutions.

Enrich Hospitality Support

End-to-End Support

Our end-to-end support services are ideal for hospitality business that have several vendors providing various solutions. Having a single point of contact for all your support needs is the most efficient and the most sensible when your vendors are not working well together, especially when issues arise.

Enrich Hospitality Support Services

Implementation & Go Live Support

We offer support on a limited basis for the implementation and go-live of new hospitality solutions, this one of the key services our clients utilize the most. No long term-contracts or commitments are required. We support the scope and timelines of projects as defined in conjunction with the clients and their vendors.

1st Level Solution Support

Single Solution Support

Multi-Solution Support

End-to-End Solution Support

Dedicated Support Manager

Centralized Case Management

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Implementation Support

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