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Contact Center Services

Enrich Call Center

Reservation Services

A full serviced reservations office that is affordable. We give your team the time to service your guests face-to-face and present the best of hospitality, while all the necessary back-office handling is managed in the background. Increase guest satisfaction and revenues, decrease invoice inaccuracies, and reduce Human Resource costs with Enrich Reservations Services

Enrich Hospitality Solutions

Group Sales Desk

The Group Sales team takes over the reactive sales process and works it to the hotel’s benefit. Increased conversions and reduced costs, are some of the benefits to the hotel. The service applies strict internal performance policies, while taking into account the Hotel’s requirements, fitting seamlessly and performing confidently within hotel’s operation.

Beehive Call Center

Managed Sentiment - Positioning

Competitive sentiment positioning, improved revenues and bettered asset value. This service will deliver your hotel beyond just answering to and measuring the hotel’s guest reviews: it will introduce intelligent planning of prevention and guest relationship building. Ultimately it will up-lift the hotel's asset value through a perceptual positioning and improved revenues.

Better on-site Guest Service

Increased Revenues

Better Invoice Payments

Decreased Human Resource cost

Professional, Tried and Tested

Higher % Enquiry Conversion

Built on Strict SLAs

Manage Rooming Lists

Collects Deposits

Ready Made for Operational Execution

Guest Relations Management

Target Re-Positioning Based on Sentiment

Produces Asset Development Plan

Produces Maintenance Plans

Works with Hotel Operations Team


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